Makeup tips2

Tips for applying Mascara

Tips for applying Lip Gloss

Tips for applying Lip Color

Tips for applying Blush

Tips for applying Concealer

Party Makeup tips

Prom Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips

Makeup for small eyes

Makeup tips for deep-set eyes

Makeup for dark circles

Makeup color basics

Choosing makeup

Choosing Eye Makeup Colors

Quick makeup tips

Long lasting makeup tips

How to look good in photographs with makeup

Buying guide for Foundation

How to get natural look with makeup


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Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips

Facial Recipes

Facial at Home

Fruit Facial Mask

Fruits and Beauty

Fruits and Skincare

Face packs

Pimples cure

Dark Circles

Suntan Cure

Freckles Cure

Hair care recipes

Hair Fruit Pack

Hair coloring tips

Hair Dyeing Tips

Winter Hair care

Makeup / Cosmetic Tips

* Top Ten Foundations

* Top Ten Lipsticks

* Top Ten Concealers

* Top Ten Mascaras

* Eyeshadow -Makeup Tips

* How to get Smokey Eyes

* Mineral / Bare mineral Makeup tips

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Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

* Nail – diffects and damages & its cure.
* Manicure at home.
* Pedicure at home
* French Manicure
* French Pedicure

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Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup – Basic steps

Makeup – how to apply.

Cosmetic tips and tricks

Celebrities makeup tips

Eyeshadow – Makeup Tips

Applying Eyeliner

Choosing Eyeliner

How to get Smokey Eyes

Mineral / Bare mineral Makeup tips

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Hair Styles Tips

Hair Styles Tips

* Hairstyle ideas/suggestions – hairstyles based on face shapes or hair type

* Hairstyle Photo Gallery-

* Short hairstyle tips-

* Medium hairstyle tips-

* Long Hairstyle tips-

* How to get Messy Buns-

* French Braid-

* Updo hairstyles-

* Bob Hairstyle-

* Hair Layering Tips

* How to do Perm-

* Cornrows-

* African-ethnic hairstyles –

* Highlighting tips-

* Prom Hairstyles

* Emo Hairstyles

How to depoof Poofy hair & how to style Poofy hair

How to Straighten your Hair With a Flat Iron

How to Curl Your Hair With a Hair Straightener

How to Describe to a Hair Stylist What Hair You Want

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Haircare 1

Natural Homemade Beauty tips to Haircare

1.Dandruff – Herbal Cure


3.How can you get a faster hair growth

4.Dry hair / Oily hair/ Splitends / Fruit Packs for scalp

5.Hot oil head massages / Protien treatment

6.Natural Henna Powder – how to apply

7. Hair removal

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Skin Care 1

Natural Homemade Beauty tips to Skin Care

1. Acne-pimple cure/Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/face packs

2. Natural Herbal Acne Masks

3. Freckles can be cured with this herbal tips

4. Pigmentation / Face packs / Steaming

5. Dark circles / Puffiness / Eye bags

6. Suntan / marks / scaley legs /cracked lips / dull skin etc…

7. Large pores on face

8. Facials – step by step tips

9. Natural Scrubs

10. Homemade Moisturizer

11. Oily Skin control

12. Dry skin control

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